Wooden Board
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We carry a wide range of timbers in a variety of species, shapes, and sizes.

Visit us in-store to see our entire range!

Boards and Slabs

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We have a range of long boards available in a range of lengths and species including (but not limited to):

  • American Oak

  • Blackwood

  • Merbau

  • Rose Gum

  • Victorian Ash

Occasionally we have slabs in stock as well. Pop in store or give us a call to ask about availability.

Short Boards

We have a large range of short boards in various sizes suited for a whole variety of woodworking applications. We stock over 50 species in Australian and imported timbers.

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Turning and Carving Blanks

We have an extensive range of small blocks for carving, whittling, woodturning and craft projects.

Glues, Resins, Finishes

Woodworking Tools & Consumables

In addition to our timber, we also carry a range of woodworking essentials. We have glues, varnishes, polishes, woodworking consumables (e.g. sandpaper), and a variety of tools.

We also carry a range of epoxy resins and pigments.

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