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We are not only passionate about our timber, we also care deeply about sustainability, our environment and ensuring the future of our industry

In an era where we are more conscious of our impact on the environment than ever, we can look to timber as the ultimate renewable resource. As trees grow, they store carbon from the atmosphere, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only do we store carbon, but we also are rewarded with a versatile, beautiful, and unique building material that will last for generations.

However, as many timbers are logged from natural forests, we must also consider sustainability. Many hardwoods take up to 100 years to become mature enough to log and therefore, plantation growing and harvesting is not feasible. In these cases, Otto Timber only stock timber that has been harvested sustainably in line with strict Australian standards for the import and export of timber. You can read more about this here.

In the same way we benefit from our environment, we like to give back to it. For every tree we sell, we plant two new ones. This way, we can ensure there will be beautiful timbers around for many generations to come.

We are currently partnered with Fifteen Trees who help us achieve our commitment to replanting of trees. You can follow our tree planting progress on their website:

Planting a Tree
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